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Is AI Writing Software Going to Replace Humans?

AI (artificial intelligence) has been all the buzz for a few years already, but thanks to
advancements with GTP-3, it has now become available for anyone in fields like content
writing, voice cloning, and art generation.

This article is all about content writing and if this new AI writing software is already
going to replace human writers. It’s definitely a concern that must be dug deeper.

What is AI Writing Software and How do They Work?

Current AI writing is mostly based on the GPT-3 AI technology although some AI writing
tools have their own technologies. GPT-3 allows AI writers to generate text based on the
user’s input. Many tools have templates for use cases like paragraphs, titles, ads, and

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The best tools, like Jasper AI, include a free writing tool that automatically extends the user’s writing based on the earlier written text.

For example, if the user writes “The are many benefits of going to school” and then
commands the AI tool to continue writing, the full output would look like this (real-life

“The are many benefits of going to school. One of the most important benefits is that it
helps you to get a job. Jobs are the key to success in life. They help you to support yourself and your family. They also give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Without a job, you would be lost and confused.”

So the tool actually creates a pretty meaningful extension of the user’s initial input. One of the great things about using these tools is that if the user runs the same command again on the same input, the result will be different.

Here’s an example

“The are many benefits of going to school. School can help improve your communication and social skills, it can give you a sense of responsibility, and it can teach you how to think critically. In addition, the school can help you make friends and network with people who have similar interests.”

It’s important to note that the better the input, the better the output.

Benefits of AI Writing Software

Benefits of Ai Writing softwares

So AI writing tools can be a pretty useful weapon for creating content fast and efficiently. Here are some benefits of using an AI content writing tool:

Speed and Efficiency

One of the most obvious advantages of using an AI content writing tool is the speed and
efficiency with which it can produce content. With a good AI writing tool, anyone can churn out articles very quickly, without having to spend hours brainstorming ideas, doing research, or editing their work.

Overcome Writer’s Block

Every writer has those days when the thinking part of the brain just freezes. This is where AI writing tools come in. Like in the previous example, the user can just command the AI writer to continue writing. And the results are actually pretty amazing.

Fewer Errors

One of the primary benefits of AI writing software is that it can help to reduce the number of errors in writing. AI software is able to identify errors such as grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and typos. This can be extremely helpful for writers who want to ensure that their writing is error-free.

Time Savings

AI writing software can be a great time saver for busy professionals. By automating the
process of writing, anyone can free up time to focus on more important tasks. AI writing
software can also help improve writing skills. This is especially true for people not native to English.

Cost Savings

One another compelling reasons to use an AI writing tool is the cost savings it can provide. Outsourcing content creation or hiring a full-time writer can up costing a lot of money. But with an AI writing tool, anyone can get all the benefits of high-quality content without having to spend a fortune.

Benefits of Human Writing

Benefits of Human Writing

Modern AI writers have been initially taught by the content that has been created by
humans. This has given them the ability to better understand human perspectives and
replicate them in their writing.

However, coming up with new creative ideas is not the strong point of AI writers. That’s
where humans still beat AI and can keep evolving better than AI.

There are still many benefits for human writing over AI writing tools.

Empathy for the reader

Humans can better show empathy for the reader. They can take into account the needs and feelings of the reader, and adjust their tone and content accordingly. AI writers, on the other hand, are not yet able to understand or replicate human emotions that well.

More engaging

Human writers can be more engaging. It can be more entertaining, motivating, or inspiring than AI writing, which is often stiff and dry. This is because humans can better understand what readers want and how to appeal to them emotionally.

Better accuracy

Human writing can be more accurate. Although AI writers are great at grammar and
spelling, they still come up with off-context sometimes. This is because they lack the ability to understand inputted context and nuance in the way that humans can.

Better data and fact-checking

AI writers are not yet that good with data and fact-checking. This is where human writers have the biggest advantage. Humans have more experience dealing with data and understanding if it’s relevant or not. They know how to find sources, evaluate them, and
come to conclusions based on the evidence.

Personal writing

Human writers can be more personal. AI writers can also write in a somewhat personal way, but humans can write in a way that is tailored to specific people or situations. This makes human writing more relatable and trustworthy.

Concerns about AI Writing Software?

AI writing software provides many benefits, but what about the cons? Although they’re
great helpers and made to work for people, there are still concerns if they could actually
harm us in the long run.

Here are some concerns about AI writing tools:

Job Losses

One of the primary concerns about AI replacing writers is that it could lead to widespread job losses. As AI technology becomes more advanced, it will likely be able to write articles and stories just as well as humans can. This could cause many professional writers to lose their jobs as businesses turn to AI to save on labor costs.

Decline in Quality

Another concern about AI replacing writers is that it could lead to a decline in the quality of writing. While AI technology has progressed considerably in recent years, it is still not as good as humans when it comes to creativity and storytelling. This means that if AI-written content became the norm, the overall quality of writing would likely decline.

Ethical Concerns

There are also ethical concerns about AI replacing writers. For example, if a news article was written by an AI, would readers be able to trust that the information in the article was accurate? There are concerns about who would own the copyright to any content that was created by an AI.

Impact on Society

The replacement of writers by AI could also have a significant impact on society. For
example, many people enjoy reading for pleasure, and if the quality of writing declines, this
could lead to fewer people reading for enjoyment. Professional writers often use their
platforms to discuss important social issues, and if they are replaced by AI, this could lead to a decline in public discourse on important issues.

Will AI Replace Human Writers?

So, will AI replace humans in content writing? In some ways, it already has. AI is very good at taking large amounts of data and turning it into a usable text extension based on the user’s input. That’s why so many businesses are using AI writing tools to help generate
content faster.

But when it comes to more creative writing, like the kind that tells a story, sells a product, or talks about recent news, AI still has a way to go. While there have been some impressive AI-written articles and even novels, they’re still not on the same level as human writers.

AI can certainly help with the writing process and is already replacing some outsourced
writers, but it’s not going to fully replace human writers anytime soon.

If anyone is worried about losing their job to a writing robot, they should get familiar with these tools and use them for their advancement by understanding where they still lose to humans. Human creativity and storytelling skills are still very much in demand.

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Modern AI writing software is cool. It’s innovative and most definitely helpful. But will it
replace humans? That is likely not going to be the case in the near future, but the future
might tell otherwise.

Humans still beat AI in many areas like creative storytelling, factual writing, recent news,
and many more, but AI is still a great helper for any casual writing. It helps overcome
writer’s block, spell check, and even provides grammar suggestions.

So, there are definitely concerns that AI is already replacing some content writers, but it is not replacing all of them. For now, it seems that AI is more like a writing assistant than
anything else. However, any content writer should now get familiar with these tools to
understand their pros and cons of them.

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